4 Best Way To Jio Sim All Problem Solution In 2021

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Ever since the Jio SIM market has come down, the demand for Jio has increased a lot. Jio has made a very good name in its telecommunication industry.

4 Best Way To Jio Sim All Problem Solution In 2021
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And many types of facilities related to Jio SIM or Jio to the user are very good. Like jio sim, jio dongle, jio fiber, jio postpaid services are quite right and on budget, Reliance Jio has more than 16+ Million users of SIM Cards. This post will provide the 4 Best Way To Jio Sim All Problem Solution In 2021.

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How to set jio caller tune:

Many users have a lot of problems with Jio caller tune set. In this blog, we will tell 4 easy ways.

How To Set Jio Caller Tune From My Jio App

This way user comes in handy when you want to set Jio Caller Tune without jiosaavn.
  • First of all, we have to download my jio app from the play store
  • After opening my jio you will have to log in with my jio number.
  • After logging in, you will have to go to the option of JioTunes and select the JioTune of your choice.
  • Later on, Set as JioTune click on this option.
  • Jio tune should be activated within 30 minutes

How To Set Jio Caller Tune From Jiosaavn & without jiosaavn

  • First of all, you have to install Jiosaavn from the play store
  • Register with your Jio number and login
  • Jiosaavan gives us the option to set caller tune only once a month
  • If we have to upgrade the pro plan of jiosaavan to change the caller tune frequently.
  • By clicking on set caller tune you can tune jio caller in jiosaavn within 30mins.

How To Set Jio Caller Tune By Sms

In this sms way we can set caller tune in jio phone, you just have to follow the steps given below

  • To set jio tune through SMS, first, we have to go to SMS and type sms box JT  and send 56789 this number from jio number
  • Their replay will come. Choice your caller option will come and reply by pressing 1.
  • Afterward, you just type the name of the song from youtube, from the file manager, a specific number, from the middle of the song, and send SMS.
  • Your caller tune will be activated within 30 minutes

How To Check Data Balance In Jio

  • Check Data Balance In Jio Without App Sms mbal To 55333
  • Check Data Main Balance In Jio Sim – Sms Bal To 199
  • Check Data Balance In Jio AppMy Jio App Install Login And My Plans Check All Plan Details
  • Check Data Balance In Jio By Ussd Code *333#
To Check Data Balance In Jio Modem, Jio Dongle, Jio Fiber, Jio Postpaid, Jiofi In All Types Of Dongle Plans And Data Packs, You Have To Sign On Jio’s Official Website – www.jio.com. After That, We Will Get The Details Of All Types Of Subscriptions In the My Plan.

How To Check Jio Net Balance

  • Check Jio Net Balance – Dial *111*1*3#
  • Check Jio Net Balance Without Jio App – Dial *333#
  • Check Jio Net Balance Ussd Code – *111*1*3#
  • Check Jio Net Balance In Jiofi Dongle – “My jio App” Option In “My Plan”
  • Check Jio Net Balance Validity – *333#
  • Check Jio Net Balance By Call – *333#
  • Check Jio Net Balance Per Day – *111*1*3#
  • Check Jio Net Balance Online -“My jio App “Option “In My Plan”

How to Find Jio Number

  • Find Jio Number – Dial *1#
  • Find Jio Number Details – Toll-free Number 198 or 199 & My Jio App
  • Find Jio Number by Code – *1#
  • Find Jio Number Using Ussd Code – Dial *1#
  • Find Jio Number Owner Details – My Jio App Login Always Show Jio Sim Owner Name
  • Find Jio Number in Jio Phone – *1#
  • Find Jio Number Using Imei Number – *06#
  • Find Jio Number From Sim Card – *1#
  • Find Jio Number Call History – You Can Check Call History by Logging in My Jio App and Tap Call History


I also have a Jio sim, whatever problem I have to face, read this post, how did you like this post about Jio 4 Best Way To Jio Sim All Problem Solution In 2021, we must comment and tell.

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